Do you need a getaway?

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Do you need to… Reset? Recover? Revitalize? Reimagine? Relax? Retreat?

Do you *know* what you need? Do you know what you *want*? If not, can you PAUSE?
Right now. Just for a moment.

And ask yourself: What led me here? (Or maybe you clicked on something by accident, that’s okay - that was the universe doing it for you)

Get still. Put your hand on your heart… and ask yourself: What do I need?

Did any words come to mind? (I paused to do this and my words were: REST...hmm…)

First things first, I want you to stand in front of a mirror. Lock eyes with yourself. Gaze at yourself as you’ve done a million times before this moment, it will feel a little bit different. Take a deep breath. Let this moment sink in. You, beloved are the epitome of love. Your health is your wealth. Love upon yourself. This mysterious longing for wellness, for something you can’t quite put your finger on. Once you find it, you do everything in your power to hold onto it.

May the tiny step below be the catalyst to your mental, emotional, physical, nutritional, spiritual, financial, and social wellbeing. Welcome home, my friend! Smile, it is time to live your best life.

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When you need to be spirited away for rest, relaxation, or to revive your relationship

When the days are long and the nights spent thinking about the days.

When you’re stretched across projects, waiting for a chance to catch a breath.

When it’s been a while since you’ve had some time to sneak away with a loved one - just you two.

That’s the time to start sitting down and thinking long and hard:

What am I here for?

Is it to slog away at all hours until retirement?

Is it to wish you had a chance to enjoy life to the fullest?

Is it to take care of everyone else except yourself?

No. No dang way, it’s not!

It’s to feel your best, understand true happiness, and find a place you can unravel all over the sand until you’re gently baked and beautifully browned to a happy crisp.

It sounds like, “Ahhhhhh.”

It looks like any other weekend.

It IS Seven Winds Travel.

Because there is so much to tantalize the senses with on this earth.

Because love comes in so many forms.

Because life is too short not to live well, in well-being.

There is a kind of magic that happens when we travel. 

It takes us away from the constant dull thud of hum-drum life, and forces us to use our senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch in ways we’ve never experienced.

We feel new. Reborn. Every adventure in this fascinating brave new world hits like a blast of awe and excitement on the taste buds of our minds!

Your trips are more than just packing up and flying away to some place for a weekend. Or at least they should be!

How many vacations have you had where you felt like you needed to pack in as much as you could into your itinerary? Where you were rushing from attraction to monument to World Wonder, panting for breath with legs that felt like lead? Where you felt like, “OMG, I need a good vacation!” after coming back from vacation?

Like I said, your trips need to be something worth saving up your dollar bills and days off for!

What is the definition of a wellness trip?

It’s a way to eat food you’ve only ever seen on travel documentaries.

It’s a means to smell the salt air, pollution free.

It’s allowing the sea, sand, balmy weather, and warmth of the sun soak you in that feeling of, “You know what? I feel better. More than better. I feel cared for and worthy of such good things.”

I want you to play with your surroundings. I want you to dance with your beloved. Heck, I want you to dance like crazy all by yourself! Like no one’s watching (even if that beautiful person by the bar can’t keep his or her eyes off you!).

You see, I want you to love.

Whether you’re loving your own company on a cool breezy morning.

Loving your special one’s presence while digging your toes in the hot sand.

Or falling in love with the here and now. Staying in the moment and letting it be absorbed through your skin and into your soul.

This is the essence of wellness and well-being.

THIS is why you’re here!


My upcoming Trips:

I travel constantly scouting out the best properties and destinations for my clients! Be sure to  follow along on my upcoming trips at @LARISSAPARKS

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Riviera Maya
Cancun Mexico

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Saint Lucia

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Cabo San Lucas
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